Submersible Mixers

Submersible Mixers

Circen supplies Submersible Mixing equipment including: 

  • Low-speed flow propeller, 
  • Hyperboloid mixers and
  • submersible mixers.

For use in a wide range of industrial/municipal sewage and effluent treatment processes including: coagulative precipitation tank, equalization pond, anaerobic pond,

nitration pond, denitrifying pond, activated sludge tank, bioreactor tank, mixing tank, sludge silos, equalizing reservoir and sewage tank

Hyperboloid Mixer

These mixers are widely applied in coagulative precipitation tanks, equilization ponds, anaerobic tanks, nitration and denitrifying systems. The motor of the mixer is installed beyond the liquid level, this is specially suited for the environment with high temperature, high concentration and corrosive liquid.

Submersible Mixer

These mixers are mainly used for the purposed of mixing, agitating and making ring flows in industrial and sewage treatment plants. Through agitation they can achieve the function of creating water bodies, increasing the oxygen content in water and effectively preventing the sedimentation of suspended substances. 

Low Flow Propeller

Low speed flow propeller extensively used for oxidising flow propelling and agitation in various types of biochemical tanks during the water treatment process

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